Website Design

Back in the good ole’ days of website design, most companies were content with having a site that functioned mainly as a brochure… This is us, this is what we offer, here are some pictures, etc.  If you paid the big bucks, you could get a site with cute things floating across the screen or an opening page with floaty things on it.

If you’re interested in a site like that, then we can’t help you!  Because a site with all those floaty things are made in flash, and the search engines can’t read flash sites, so your site would be basically invisible to the search engines.  We just can’t do that to you!


We design sites that are:

Most web designers are just that – designers. Most don’t know how to optimize a site for the search engines. Most don’t know the best way to build an e-mail list. Most don’t know how to turn visitors into buyers. We do.

That’s why you should have Marketing Beach design your web site.

We are more than just designers.

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